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At Tow Boat U.S Falmouth, we understand the hazardous waters of Nantucket Sound and the challenges they pose to vessels in peril. With our fleet of reliable marine towboats, we’ve been providing exceptional marine salvage services to hundreds of vessels around Cape Cod and the Islands since 1989. Our commitment to safety and our extensive knowledge of the area make us the preferred choice for marine salvage in Falmouth, MA. Marine salvage is not covered under any membership.

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Emergency Vessel Recovery Services: Salvaging Boats in Peril

When a vessel is in distress, time is of the essence. Our team at Tow Boat U.S Falmouth is equipped and ready to respond swiftly to emergency salvage situations. We offer our services to both members and nonmembers on a no-obligation basis. Our emergency salvage services cover a wide range of situations, including:

  • Vessels Hard Aground:
    Whether a vessel has run aground on a sandbar, reef, or rocky shore, our skilled crew and specialized equipment are well-prepared to safely recover the vessel and minimize further damage.
  • Vessels Already Sunk or Actively Taking on Water:
    Salvaging a sunken or partially submerged vessel requires expertise and precision. With our years of experience and state-of-the-art equipment, we can efficiently remove water, refloat the vessel, and salvage it.
  • Vessels in Breaking Surf or High and Dry on a Beach:
    When a vessel is stuck in breaking surf or stranded high and dry on a beach, extracting it can be a challenging task. Our team has the necessary skills and equipment to recover the vessel without causing additional harm.
  • Wreck Removal:
    Abandoned or derelict vessels pose a threat to the marine environment and navigation. Our marine salvage experts are experienced in safely removing wreckages, protecting the environment and ensuring the safety of other vessels in the area.

Marine Salvage

Understanding the Difference: Marine Towing vs. Marine Salvage

It is important to distinguish between marine towing and marine salvage. While both services are essential in critical situations, they serve different purposes and require different approaches.

Marine towing involves the transportation of vessels that are inoperable but not necessarily in peril. This service is typically used when a vessel requires assistance due to mechanical failure or a lack of propulsion. Tow Boat U.S Falmouth offers reliable marine towing services, ensuring that vessels are safely transported to their desired destinations.

On the other hand, marine salvage focuses on recovering vessels that are in immediate danger or have already suffered significant damage. This may involve refloating sunken vessels, extricating vessels from treacherous situations, or removing wreckages. Tow Boat U.S Falmouth specializes in marine salvage and has the expertise and equipment needed to tackle these complex operations with the utmost care and precision.

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When faced with a vessel in distress, trust Tow Boat U.S Falmouth to provide the expert emergency marine salvage services you need. Our fleet has the skills, equipment, and local knowledge necessary to safely recover vessels and minimize further damage. We’ve also been serving the Falmouth, MA, area for over two decades, and our track record speaks for itself.

So contact us today or visit our website to learn more about our marine salvage services and how we can assist you in any emergency situation.

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